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I come to you!

Servicing Sydney CBD, Inner West, and Eastern Suburbs

In your home

living room
living room

Parenting is busy, far-away appointments and traffic certainly don't help! I come to your home to run 1:1 therapy sessions. There are many benefits to learning in one's natural environment, and learning can happen in any area of the home. A dedicated therapy space isn't necessary (nor is a beautiful, stock image home like the one pictured here). If working on daily living skills, such as toileting or doing the laundry, home is exactly where we need to be! Home sessions also provide more opportunities to play with siblings and to collaborate with caregivers and share ideas for extending learning across day-to-day routines.

At School

group of people wearing white and orange backpacks walking on gray concrete pavement during daytime
group of people wearing white and orange backpacks walking on gray concrete pavement during daytime

If your child could use some extra support in the school environment, this is a great location for therapy sessions. I don't typically offer pull-aside therapy in school. Sessions focus on increasing the client's group participation throughout day-to-day classroom routines. I enjoy working with teachers to help them set learners up for success. I always value the teacher's input and aim to respect what may or may not be feasible in their classroom. I can create simple yet effective behaviour support plans to better support a child across their school day.

I also offer playground or after-school care support to improve cooperative play skills and support peer interactions. Ask me about options for facilitating group therapy in the school environment!


Get help wherever you are!

On top of face-to-face consulting, I also offer online therapy and parent support. Ask about hybrid packages that include both in-person and online therapy.

In the community

people playing soccer on green grass field during daytime
people playing soccer on green grass field during daytime

Being an active member of the community can be essential for the entire family's mental health and well-being. We can visit community playgrounds to practice social interactions, attend extracurricular social activities, build independence at the supermarket, or work on tolerating "no" in the toy aisle at Kmart. The possibilities are endless!

For teens and older, I enjoy working with support workers to identify effective strategies that can better support individuals to get out and about as independently as possible.

At Work

For young adult learners, I very much enjoy supporting client participation and skill development in workplace settings. I can offer behaviour consultation and behaviour support plans in supported workplace environments or day programs.

Have you found a job placement, or want to approach a local business, but are unsure if the job will provide the necessary accommodations and/or training? I'll go with you! Let's break it down, identify some effective strategies, and get to work!